How accurate is this service?

We track all the players on all the servers on a regular basis at least once a week.

Can you tell me how many Cityscapes this player has?

Yes, we will also provide coordinates on all known CityScapes owned by a player. However, because CityScapes in Godfather exchange hands very often, it is nearly impossible to provide exact information of CityScapes at all times.

Where do you get this player information from?

Crowdsourced -- we have solicited top players from each server who help us to update us on a daily basis.

How much does this service cost?

This is a free service! Find players in Godfather Five Families! Have fun!

How do I use this?

Go back to the home page and type in the person you are searching for and pick the server. Then click "Search" to find your answer.

Who is TerraMap?

We are the leading resource for Godfather game intelligence. TerraMap is maintained by a community of die-hard players of Godfather.

What is the Locator?

The locator tool helps you to identify the nearest Gangs, Murder Incs, and Cityscapes to a particular coordinate on the map.

What is the Farm Locator?

Need some cash or resources fast? Enter your coordinates in the locator and we'll let you know the 100 closest "farms" near you!

What is a "Farm"?

Farms are neighborhoods/players that we believe are inactive (or maybe on vacation). We can't guarantee that these fellows are 100% inactive, but its our best guess. Send a probe if you don't believe us.

What happened to this game?

Are you wondering where the game is and where everyone went? To make a long story short, Kabam gave up on the game 'cuz they screwed up and then sold it off to RockYou who then let the game slowly die. Then RockYou sandbagged everyone by moving the game to Facebook causing many players to lose their accounts. After that, RockYou just decided to shut down the game.